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Do it again

Last Sunday we sang a new song with the lyrics: “I believe I’ll see You do it again”. A beautiful song about trusting God when you are in doubt. ‘God helped us before and He will do it again.’ But at the next sentence they lost me; “You moved a mountain and You will do it again”.

It reminded me of an interview with a famous Dutch TV personality who made a remark about Jesus, “Can’t He just go to the cross again?”and then bursted in to tears and said sobbing “How could I ask that?” read more »

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I believe so I am training to win the race

I have been really trying to be a good Christian. I read books, listened to sermons and tried to apply what I have been reading and hearing. I behaved as if I was doing an education. And even if I say so myself, it really looked nice. I was reasonably satisfied with myself.

Until God asked me an unsettling question; “Do you love me?” read more »