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Enjoy, but use your brains

In Galatians 5 from verse 19 and in Romans 1 from verse 21 a large list of sins is named that gave Christianity the image of ‘you can’t do anything fun’. Among others: sexual immorality, impurity and debauchery, covetousness, drunkenness, orgies, deceit.

Here the path of the church and the world divide according to the well known poster into a straight road to hell and a narrow road to your salvation. The message of this picture is: if you can control yourself you are suitable material for the Kingdom of Heaven. read more »

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What exactly is the problem with sin?

Church without labels 3 – What exactly is the problem with sin?

At an Alpha course someone asked me; “why do we have to ask for forgiveness from God when we lye to someone. What has God to do with it when I tell a little lye?” A very good question that made me think. I was used to ask for forgiveness for these kinds of sins, but why was it a sin? What is His problem when I am jealous, or eat pork or transgress an other command? Why do we have all those rules anyway? When there are no rules, we can’t transgress them and then we wouldn’t have any problem with sin, isn’t is? Because even Paul says; “I would not have known what sin was had it not been for the law (…) for apart from the law, sin was dead.” (Romans 7:7,8) read more »

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Church without labels

I would like to write a book called ‘Church Without Labels’ and I would really like to know what you think about the idea. read more »

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Everybody is dead

A good Christian is a dead Christian, because Paul says repetitively that we are dead and that this is a good thing. What about it? read more »

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Everybody forgiven and healed

The ‘Full Gospel’ teaches based on Isaja 53:5 that our healing is as sure as our forgiveness. I always have had a problem with that, because not everybody who is sick, is healed. How should I understand this verse? read more »