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Sunday rest

The phenomenon rest day dates from just after creation. God was finished creating and he rested from all the work of creating that he had done. The word for rest is ‘shabath’ and also means to cease, to desist. To His people Israel he commanded to celebrate the 7th day by not working but resting.

In the New Testament Jesus handles the Sabbath differently than people were used to, using the motto “The Sabbath was made for man, not man for the Sabbath.”(Mark 2:27). From a day to celebrate and rest is was degenerated into a day full of risks of trespassing Gods commandment not to work. read more »

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What do hearing Gods voice and a successful life have to do with eachother?

godsstemverstaanYou will be happy if your life is a success, if you are successful in your job, in your relations, your finances, your sport. Being successful is something you can control yourself. If you are not successful, you are doing something wrong and you have yourself to blame.” This is the message of the present spirit of time and it also has a church version: “God wants you to prosper, to be a success, He wants to bless you.” Unfortunately too often the conclusion is drawn that when you are not being (visually) blessed, you are doing something wrong. read more »

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Relax, het is volbracht

Voor Hij de geest geeft zegt Jezus: “Het is volbracht”.

Talloze boeken zijn geschreven over wat Jezus heeft volbracht met Zijn leven en sterven en talloze boeken zijn nog nodig. De omvang en de impact van wat Hij heeft gedaan is groter dan wij kunnen bevatten. Wat vaststaat is dat wij daar niets aan hoeven toevoegen. Het werk van Christus is volkomen en allesomvattend. Doordat Hij het volbracht heeft, mogen wij de rust binnengaan. Door Christus worden wij rechtvaardig en heilig en door hem worden wij verlost. We zijn geroepen om vrij te zijn. Zo ontspannen mogen we leven. Het voelt haast aan als vakantie. Niks moeten, alleen genieten. read more »