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How God speaks through women

Initially enthusiastic about prophecy I started wondering what is true and how should I value it? This is the fifth and last blog in the series Prophets and Prophecy in which I search for an answer to this question. After the introduction blog I talk about what is prophecy, what kinds are there in the bible, does it still function now, in what form does it function in the church en what about prophecies of doom and prophetic ministries? And this blog deals with female prophets.

The bible shows in both Old and New Testament that women can be a prophet. In the Old Testament we see Miriam, the sister of Moses, is a prophet (Ex. 15:20, Num. 12:2), Deborah, the judge, is a prophet (Judges 4:3-10) and King Josiah goes for advice to the female prophet Huldah (2 Kings 22). read more »

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The prophets of doom and the ‘clairvoyant’

Fourth blog in the series Prophets and Prophecy. After the introdiction blog I wrote about what is prophecy, what sorts are there in the Bible, are they still here and in what form does it function in the church?

profeten-4-toekomstdingesWhat do you do with the prophets of doom who predict disasters and judgements and the ‘clairvoyant’, who tell a church or an individual what (good) is going to happen in the near or further future? How can you tell if they are ‘real’? Are their impressions based on inspiration of God or their own wishfull thinking? read more »

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Are there still prophets and if so, what do they do?

The Old Testament is full of prophets and prophecies, the majority is written by prophets. In the New Testament they also are a common phenomena. From individuals like Anna (Luc. 2:36) and Agabus (Acts 21:10), till the daughters of Philip (Acts 21:9) and groups of prophets from Jerusalem and Antioch (Acts11: 27; 13:1). read more »

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What is a prophet and what kind of prophecies are there?

On hearing the word prophet pictures immediately burst to mind. One sees a man with a beard in a white robe who yells the world is coming to an end en we should repent. An other sees a Christian clairvoyant of sorts. Both images are more or less correct, but there is more. When you walk through the bible you will discover more kinds of prophecies. read more »

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Prophets, introduction

philippulusThe words prophet and prophecy evoke mixed feelings in the Christian world. There are people who say prophets doesn’t exist any more, there are people who attend a school of prophets ad everything in between. And, being Christians we defend our position by fire and sword. I noticed that the arguments are mostly based on feelings, experience and a hear say use of bible texts. This is if you once have heard a bible verse as an argument and now Pavlov it every time the subject is on topic, ending the discussion. read more »