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Talking with God

Praying is difficult; talking to someone you don’t see nor hear.

Talking to someone you don’t see is doable. It can be good practice to say out loud what is bothering you, what frustrates you, what worries you or why you are sad. Or say what you are grateful for, what you enjoy, what goes well. It helps to imagine you are talking to someone, but for the psychological effect that does not have to be a deity. read more »

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Quiet Time

Quiet Time is a ‘must’ among the evangelicals; you take a set period of time on a daily basis to read the bible and pray. Other protestant denominations are more used to praying before and after every meal, reading from scriptures after dinner and pray before bedtime. I also call this Quiet Time. read more »

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I believe so I pray

Recently I have read a very good column with a razor-sharp analysis of how people look at prayer in times of trouble (in Dutch): https://www.vn.nl/als-god-in-rampzalige-tijden-niet-thuis-geeft/ (translation below)

It made me wonder: What does happens when we pray? read more »