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Healing ministry

A good health always is in the top 3 of most important things in life. People who are seriously ill take medication with severe side effects, undergo operations and other painful treatments or follow strict diets, all to get cured or to stay alive. A number of them seeks healing in the alternative circle of faith healing. The bible to describes a lot of healing miracles. In the New Testament is said that there are people with a special gift of healing. How do we relate to these people in church?


  • People with a healing gift we call doctors now a days.

  • The healing gift was only for the early church, because there wasn’t a church or a bible.

  • People with a healing gift have a special ministry that supersedes the local church.

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Judging is an item in Christian circles and outside it as well. We all judge and judge some more. On social media and forums you can read peoples ‘opinions’ that used to stay indoors and now sadly enough are shared with the world. But I don’t want to talk about how disrespectful people can be or wonder why people think they know how others should lead their life. I want to talk about the Christian habit to judge and condemn others based on their own Christian values.

Why we should point out their mistakes to others read more »

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Choice of Clothes

The Bible doesn’t say much about clothes and ways to dress, but what it says presents

sufficient material for intensive discussions.

We think only the more orthodox churches have clothing requirements like hats and skirts, but that isn’t all together true. Just walk into a random church like a Gothic or in a fitted dress on high heals or in ragged jeans and a worn out T-shirt. Or imagine someone dressed like that should step into your church. How would people respond? read more »

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I believe so I am training to win the race

I have been really trying to be a good Christian. I read books, listened to sermons and tried to apply what I have been reading and hearing. I behaved as if I was doing an education. And even if I say so myself, it really looked nice. I was reasonably satisfied with myself.

Until God asked me an unsettling question; “Do you love me?” read more »

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Relax, it is finished – part two

All have sinned, Paul said, and all are justified through faith and not by the works of the law. But doesn’t is also say, ‘The one who loves me keeps my commands”? Yes, it says so and it makes sense. If you love someone, you try to respect the wishes of that person. “My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you”, Jesus said. We can only love like Jesus if His love runs through us. Only if the branches are attached to the vine, they can bear fruit. Keeping His commands stems from our relationship with Him. It is not the other way round, that we can only have a relationship with Him when we act according to His commands. read more »