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Mothers and Fathers

Looking at little children who are playing mothers and fathers, is sometimes like looking into a mirror. They imitate what they see you do. Occasionally you are shocked by what you see and recognize, and you think “Do I really do that?” read more »

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Baby’s and Toddlers

I am not the person who is over the moon for every baby nor the one who does all the funny faces to get a little laugh. I’m more the one who keeps a little distance to see what the child would want. I do like to hold those little ones and to make them comfortable. Nothing more beautiful to me than a baby who falls asleep in my arms.

When they are between nine and twenty-four months I like them the most. They become mobile and go out to discover. I can watch such a child for hours. Everything is being touched, picked up, looked at, tasted and shaken. Everything is being tested; what happens when I throw it? Can I tear it? What sound does it make when I hit the table with it, or the floor, or my brother? How does sand feel, and dirt, gravel, plants? What happens when I squeeze it? Some children hear with everything they do: “no”, “don’t”, “stop”, “dirty”, “dangerous”, “stay away”. read more »

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With sorrow you shall bring forth children

After the fall God said to the woman: “I will greatly multiply your sorrow and your conception;

In pain you shall bring forth children (Genesis 3:16). God says this to Eve after she ate from ‘the apple’. Because of this verse pain at a delivery is sometimes looked upon as a punishment. For her disobedience.

I think this is a strange conclusion, read more »

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I believe so I do – what? 3

We believe our sins are forgiven and we believe we are a new creation. New creation equals better man we believe, so we think we should behave like better people. ‘Be holy because I am holy’. read more »

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I believe so I do – what? 2

What about the link between believing and receiving? Should you believe good enough to receive something? The ‘name it and claim it’ movement says that in order to get what you want, you really have to believe you will get it and you will have to proclaim that. According to me, this is not believing, this is magic or superstition and has nothing to do with faith in Jesus Christ. read more »