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Pastors or Shepherds

With the introduction of the word Pastor, also the evangelical movement has a title for its leaders. Before that leaders were called brother or sister, just like the rest of the congregation. read more »

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What do hearing Gods voice and a successful life have to do with eachother?

godsstemverstaanYou will be happy if your life is a success, if you are successful in your job, in your relations, your finances, your sport. Being successful is something you can control yourself. If you are not successful, you are doing something wrong and you have yourself to blame.” This is the message of the present spirit of time and it also has a church version: “God wants you to prosper, to be a success, He wants to bless you.” Unfortunately too often the conclusion is drawn that when you are not being (visually) blessed, you are doing something wrong. read more »

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I believe so I do – what? 1

Our beliefs are our motivation, our driving force to do things. You believe something will work, that’s why you do it. If you believe physical activity is good for you, you make sure you have an active lifestyle. When you say you believe physical activity is important, but you sit in a chair 24/7, I get the impression you don’t believe what you are saying. It may be true, but you don’t believe it, otherwise you would be more active. The combination of what you say you believe and what you do with it, shows what you really believe and what are mere nice, but empty words. read more »