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Baby’s and Toddlers

I am not the person who is over the moon for every baby nor the one who does all the funny faces to get a little laugh. I’m more the one who keeps a little distance to see what the child would want. I do like to hold those little ones and to make them comfortable. Nothing more beautiful to me than a baby who falls asleep in my arms.

When they are between nine and twenty-four months I like them the most. They become mobile and go out to discover. I can watch such a child for hours. Everything is being touched, picked up, looked at, tasted and shaken. Everything is being tested; what happens when I throw it? Can I tear it? What sound does it make when I hit the table with it, or the floor, or my brother? How does sand feel, and dirt, gravel, plants? What happens when I squeeze it? Some children hear with everything they do: “no”, “don’t”, “stop”, “dirty”, “dangerous”, “stay away”. read more »