Relax, it is finished – part two

All have sinned, Paul said, and all are justified through faith and not by the works of the law. But doesn’t is also say, ‘The one who loves me keeps my commands”? Yes, it says so and it makes sense. If you love someone, you try to respect the wishes of that person. “My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you”, Jesus said. We can only love like Jesus if His love runs through us. Only if the branches are attached to the vine, they can bear fruit. Keeping His commands stems from our relationship with Him. It is not the other way round, that we can only have a relationship with Him when we act according to His commands.

If we don’t keep his commands, the relationship will become less intense. “Surely the arm of the Lord is not too short to save, but your iniquities have separated you from me”, says God. This is something we cause, not God. Our sins are forgiven, He has done everything possible to maintain in a relationship, but we didn’t involve Him in our lives. We deliberately or unknowingly put Him at a distance. The solution for this problem is going back to God and confess what we have done. Our problem isn’t our sin because that is taken care of. Our problem is shutting God out of our lives. So come to your senses and go back to God every time. He will run to you to throw his arms around you.