I Think, therefore I am – 3

We are asked to love God, also with our mind. By thinking about Him and everything He has made, we learn to know and appreciate Him.

There was a time theology was called the mother of of all science. That is logical because everything is from God, through God and for God. But somewhere people invented that theology is the boss of all science, the censor, the corrector. And the church, as the self declared owner of theology, determined which scientific discoveries where good and which where not.

Sadly the church didn’t notice that, despite divine inspiration, she only had a limited picture. Until today there are Christians who think they know it all, while the Bible tells us we only know in part and that not everything is revealed to us.

Scientists should be able to explore in freedom, also unprejudiced before or against God. God is a few sizes too big for science. They can’t prove Him and they can’t disprove Him, but an echo of His being can be found everywhere, if you want to.

So let us not put faith and science in opposite corners, instead let us marvel about the greatness and creativity of God. If we don’t understand everything, let’s not blame science, but accept we can’t match in with our faith (yet).

For now we see as through a glass, dimly, but then, face to face. Now I know in part, but then I shall know, even as I also am known.”