I think, therefore I am – part 1

I think, therefore I am‘, concluded a philosopher in answer to his question: ‘how can I be sure I really exist, and I am not in some kind of Matrix?’.

Thinking and meditating is an important theme in the Bible. When you meditate on the law day and night, whatever you do will prospers according to Psalm 1.

Meditating on the law is something completely different than acting according to the law. We are focussed on doing the law while we should be focussed on meditating on the law. By the way, the law isn’t the 10 commandments, it is the Jewish name for the first five books of the bible. It is the record of Gods adventures with men. It tells how God sees the human race, what humans mean to Him en how He influences history to be able to restore the fallen mankind into its former glory and everything else will again be very good too.

When you read Genesis and even when you read Leviticus, reflect on what it tells you about God. What is God doing and why does He do it? Why created God a giraffe? What does it tells you about God? Why so many types of offerings with so much detail? What does it tells you about God?

““Have you never read …” is a question Jesus repeatedly asked.