I think, therefore I am – 2

Faith is confidence in things we cannot see yet, isn’t it? Faith is the assurance of what we hope for. The core of the Christian faith is our relationship with God. The most important question is therefore: does God exist? Science, in particular the evolution-theory, has highly charged this question for many of us. Is seems there are clues that ‘prove’ there was no creation, that everything sort of formed itself. Well, that is something I find hard to believe. There are numerous arguments in favour and against evolution, but it is useless to have a discussion about faith based on scientific assumptions. Faith is about what you believe. Do you believe God exists, do you believe He is the creator of the heavens and the earth, or do you believe God doesn’t exist and you are evolved to this stage on your own?

I think and that’s why I think I am created. I can’t believe matter can produce awareness. I believe only a form of awareness can do that. I also don’t believe ‘I am my brain’. I’m not in some kind of matrix, I am a free human being with a spirit and a soul and I think. I am wished for by a loving God, who created a wonderful world and an even more impressive cosmos for me to live in. This I would much rather believe than a meaningless life that accidentally happened to arise from a primordial soup with no purpose.