I believe so I do – what? 1

Our beliefs are our motivation, our driving force to do things. You believe something will work, that’s why you do it. If you believe physical activity is good for you, you make sure you have an active lifestyle. When you say you believe physical activity is important, but you sit in a chair 24/7, I get the impression you don’t believe what you are saying. It may be true, but you don’t believe it, otherwise you would be more active. The combination of what you say you believe and what you do with it, shows what you really believe and what are mere nice, but empty words.

‘Our faith is not a dead faith’, isn’t it? So doing is very important to us. By doing we want to show what we believe. But what we believe is not something we regularly think about. Our faith sometimes stops at, ‘I believe I should do this’.

Within Christian circles there are many battles fought in regard of doing. We want to do it right so badly and we try so hard, but time and again we fail. We try and try and try to get an other outcome using the same method. This is a little insane of course, because obviously it doesn’t work. To get an other outcome, you will have to change the method.

Next time we want to change what we do, lets think about what we believe before we start doing. Why do I want to do this? What are the consequences if I don’t change? Is it the right motivation? What did Jesus say about it?

So let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us, fixing our eyes on Jesus, the pioneer and perfecter of faith.”