I am called to do what?

woman-sand-water-seaThose who have been called according to his purpose, don’t always know what they exactly are called to. They are looking for ‘Gods plan for their life’. This can give enormous amounts of stress and because I am a great supporter of an unwinding Christianity, I will give you three things to which every Christian is called and three questions that help you discover your personal calling.

But first I want to talk to you about the calling shared by the whole of the human race. Since the ‘fiasco with the apple’ God calls out to every person: ‘where are you?’ We turned our back to God, but He calls us to look Him in the eyes. I don’t know about you, but when I think about that, I know I will fail utterly. He looks right into your soul, nothing stays hidden. If you look Him in the eyes, you are completely surrendered at His grace.

What do you think He will do? Throw you into hell? No, He will throw a party, because the child that was missing is now found again! You listened to the calling of the Lord and you came. Jesus stretches His arms towards you and says: “I made this possible, now let’s eat together, you and I. I already provided for bread and wine. I promise you I will never forsake you, I shall always be there for you. From now on we will do life together. Everything that’s mine, belongs to you, will you share everything that is yours with me?”

In this light the three callings of every Christian make perfect sense:

  1. Love the Lord your God more than anything and love your neighbour as yourself. God gave you life when you were born and again the moment you looked Him in the eyes. Your neighbours, the people in your surroundings, the people close to you, are just as precious to God as you are. Jesus sacrificed His life for them.

  1. Go and make disciples of all people. What is given to you is available to everybody, only people don’t know. You have the privilege to tell hem.

  1. Do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do. You are made in Gods image, in His likeness. Jesus has shown who God is; full of love and compassion. This is the way You may be, God gives you every opportunity.

The answering of the following questions will give you a solid clue to your personal calling.

  1. What are you good at?

  2. What do you like to do?

  3. How can you make that beneficiary to other people?

What would you do if you could make a plan for the life of your children and you were able to choose the qualities and talents they would inherit? You would be sure the talents would match your plan, isn’t it? God knew you before you were born. If He has a special plan for your life, he also gave you the necessary qualities.

Don’t be afraid to miss out on the calling on your life. God is very capable to make clear what He wants. But most of the time your calling is so close to who you are, that you won’t experience it as a calling. It is just what comes to you naturally. Your choice of profession or place to live is most of the time not really important. God in you comes in your surroundings. You can mean something to your colleagues, neighbours, family. Maybe you are the one with the patience, the positive attitude, the humour or the empathy that makes the difference in a situation. Maybe you can share something of your time, money, skilfulness or knowledge. Not all of us are an Abraham, Moses, Peter or Paul. In the thousands of years the bible covers only a few people really stand out. The rest just did what their hands found to do. The chance you are part of that rest is considerable. Enjoy it!